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A list of possible subject areas and listings that this Wiki would benefit from - consider yourself free to add more, or take one of these suggestions to heart and begin working on them.

If you decide to work on a given subject, please link to your efforts from this page, allowing others to follow and add more information or related pages.

Suggested reading and common templates

You may also consult Wanted Pages to see what topics have been linked to the most times without receiving an article about them.

(FYI, {{IA}} is a useful way to link to an item or an individual file.

{{Question}} can be used to mark open questions that need to be researched, then they can be found with Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:Question.

If you want to create a short article to cover an item on the archive or an Internet Archive project, please look at Project:Creating a Stub to get a general minimum idea. The gist: another editor should be able to reach the thing you're talking about without having to use a search engine.

Documenting Collections

While it is a lower priority than documenting practices, techniques and ways to interact with IA, a nicely specific task that can be worked on is to document particular collections at IA.

This search shows all the (non-user favorite) collections, ordered by creation time (earliest first). There are currently over 288k, so it'll take a while, but we can certainly make a stab at it.

To check if a collection has already been mentioned on the wiki, use Special:LinkSearch, specifically, this template: {{IAlinks}}.


For the ROADMAP that was previously here, see Main Page.