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The Internet Archive allows anyone with an account to create items. This can be done through the website and through an API. Sometimes, you may need to upload in bulk.


The web interface to create an item can be found by clicking on the upload icon in the top-right corner on archive.org or by visiting https://archive.org/create/. The user is greeted with a "Share your Files" page, which contains a green button to "upload files", and a blue button for etree.org uploader.

After clicking the Green "upload files" button, the user is shown a window where files can be dragged to or selected for upload. Selecting one or more files leads to a page where metadata can be created for the item. This includes a titles, identifier, description, tags, creator, date, collection, language and the license. Additional metadata can be added in the "More options box". Finally the item can be uploaded with the blue "Upload and Create Your Item" button.


See also: Uploading With Python

An API is available for the more tech-savvy users. This allows for easier and faster uploading of items. More information about the API can be found on it's page here, or at https://archive.org/services/docs/api/ias3.html.