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The Wiki is (as of this writing) new, and you're wondering where to even begin. Your old pal Jason has hints.

Create General Subjects

Subjects related to the Archive, or of the Archive, that in your mind there seems to be nothing obvious written about in general. We can always combine or delete later. More is better.

Lists of URLs

For a given subject, be it a physical object or a general concept. It can't hurt to simply google the heck out of things and make a URL list for the subject, that will eventually morph to references.

Start Listing Collections or Items of Interest on the Archive

Putting together something about a range of items on the archive and beginning a guide to what to find on the archive would be good. Especially helpful as you find items of documentation to link to.

Find and Upload Illustrations

Photographs and Illustrations of the Archive's many aspects would be incredibly helpful.

Bring in More Editors

Assembling a team of active collaborators makes the wiki stronger. Help me find more passionate folks who want to make the Archive better by making it better documented.