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There are various better known collections at the Internet Archive. These are some of them.

(once they are added here)

The IA's by far best known project is the Wayback Machine, a viewer for saved snapshots of websites dating from the present back to the early 1990s.

The IA contains a large Software Library, with a wide set of historical software available to be run directly in the browser.

Another IA project is Open Library a catalog of (eventually) all books, which provides an interface to access scans of the many books stored at IA, both freely (for public domain or freely licensed works) and via Controlled Digital Lending (for in-copyright books, using fair use and first sale).

There are also a lot of periodicals on the archive, including Newspapers, Computer Magazines, Computer Newsletters, Game and Gamer Magazines and many others!

In the area of sound recordings, there's the Unlocked Recordings, the Sonny Bono Memorial Collection and a large selection of Podcasts, among others.

This is an incomplete list of significant sub-collections within the overarching ones:

  • texts -- eBooks and Texts
    • opensource -- Community Texts
    • catalogs -- a vast array of catalogs, of many types
      • Building Technology Heritage Library -- over 11,000 items, primarily a collection of American and Canadian, pre-1964 architectural trade catalogs, house plan books and technical building guides.
  • movies -- Moving Image Archive
    • opensource_movies -- Community Video
    • television -- Television
      • adviews -- AdViews
      • tv -- TV News Search & Borrow
    • tvarchive -- Television Archive (where the content in the "TV News Search & Borrow is located; not directly accessible)